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5G & 450MHz Support_LM75


World First MCX Device to Support 5G & 450MHz
Enhanced network coverage with extended antenna
Full-day operation with smart battery management
  • Qualcomm QCM6490 chipset insided
  • Dedicated 450MHz modem chipset(B31, 72, 87)
  • Front-faced loud speaker(3Watt)
  • DMR III D2D communication(Optional)
  • Preloaded with Mission-Critical Applications (MCX, GIS, MDM)


  • 49°-C
    High Temperature
  • -32°-C
    Low Temperature
  • 122cm
    Mechanical Shock
  • 7.7gs per axis
  • Rotary knob
    Volume control and
    Group change
  • Emergency button
  • PTT button
  • UDC accessory port
  • Volume button
  • Programmable button
  • Strong
  • Latest Platform
  • Single
    Product Line
  • Flexible

Loud and Clear PTT Sound

  1. Pickup the noise
    by microphones
  2. Create anti-noise wave
  3. Noise cancelling
  • Active Noise Cancellation
    The combination of PTT App and LM75 blocks echo feedback in 5m proximity.
  • Qualcomm® Fluence Pro™ Technology
    Fluence algorithm detects speaking party position
    and offers consistent voice quality with noise reduction.
  • Loud Speaker
    Front-faced 3 Watt loud speaker produces 106dB of voice sound.

Enhanced Network Coverage

Extended Antenna
4dB gain increased
Dual SIM Dual Standby
LM75 has 2 SIM slots.
1st SIM for private network and user can utilize 2nd SIM for MNO network
450MHz Support
LM75 supports band B31, 72, 87 frequency

Smart Battery Management

Having Qualcomm resource power management,
LM75 optimizes battery power consumption and offers full day operation

  • 190ms MCPTT KPI 3 Mouth-to-Ear latency
  • 62hours standby-time
  • 11hours consecutive talk-time
Urer can replace bettery with
4,400mA standard and 8,000mA
extended battery.
Backup Battery
LM75 has a backup battery,
allowing user to maintain ongoing
calls during battery change.


Qualcomm Direct Support

Qualcomm QCM6490 Platform
LM75 is complied with 3GPP release 15 and supports Android 17 until 2030.
Qualcomm Direct Licensing
Cybertel has Qualcomm license.
LM75 is only 450MHz device which can receive direct support from Qualcomm.
Clear Security Roadmap
Aligned with Qualcomm EoL plan, Cybertel will support Android security update.

MCX & Device in a Single Product Line

PTT Solution Provider
Cybertel provides PTT and VoIP software, offering end-to-end verification.
Preloaded Voice Applications
Cybertel preloads PTT and VoIP applications in its own factory.
These native applications support full operational service.
Made in Korea
LM75 is the only 450MHz device manufactured in a TAA-approved country.
A single language and management across both R&D and production facilitates swift and accurate process.
Flexible SMT line offers 8 weeks maximum delivery lead time.

Maintenance / Warranty

  • Expected Service
    Clear production and maintenance plan
    Covering accidental damage, Wear&tear(comprehensive package)
  • Reasonable Cost
    24 months manufacturer warranty
    3/5 year maintenance contract with reasonable cost
  • Accessible Customer Support
    Hotline with diverse language support

Available Accessory

  • Desktop cradle charger
  • 6 Bay cradle charger
  • Bluetooth RSM
  • Bluetooth ear-mic
  • Bluetooth button
  • Wired RSM(UDC, 3.5mm)
  • Ear mic
  • RAM mount


Company Cybertel Bridge Co., Ltd.
CEO Backsan Nam


HQ :
(82) 02 · 6956 · 6330
Customer Support Center :
(82) 02 · 6956 · 7576
Factory :
(82) 070 · 8676 · 7770
Cybertel Bridge Germany :
(+49) 0710 · 783 · 7383
Fax (82) 02 · 6956 · 6377


HQ 9th floor, Hansin IT Tower, 272, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Factory 67, Maehwasandan 3-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Cybertel Bridge Germany Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 30-34 65760 Eschborn Germany