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Vehicle Kit

  • kit

    Docking Station

  • kit

    Remote Speaker Mic

  • The vehicle charger offers extended loud speaker as well as built-in Speaker Mic.
  • A built-in docking station to charge the device
  • Supporting power voltage for different police cars
  • Supporting extra power connector for Tetra device

Motorcycle Kit

  • Police Motorbike Control Device (for Special Purposes)
    Device Audio Control Unit
  • Fixing Cradle
    Device cradle
  • Remote Speaker Mic
    Remote Speaker Mic
  • PTT Button for Police Motorbikes
    PTT Button on steering wheel
  • Speaker and PTT Headphone for Safety Helmets
    Handsfree earmic for Helmet
  • Loud Speakers
    10 Watt x 2 Loud speaker
  • The motorcycle kit provides comprehensive communications tool such as built-in Speaker Mic, Dual loud speaker, extended PTT button as well as device charging feature.
  • 10 Watt x 2 loud speaker inside
  • Locating extended PTT button on the steering so that the police can make floor control conveniently during drive.

Helicopter Kit

heli_thumb01 heli_thumb02
No Description
1 Power Button
2 Speaker Volume Knob
3 Emergency Call Button
4 DRX 1: Sub antenna for PS LTE network
5 DRX 2: Sub antenna for Public network
6 MAIN 1: Main antenna for PS LTE network
7 MAIN 2: Main antenna for Public network
  • The helicopter kit consists of extended antenna to overcome network weak signal in the air.
  • Main and sub antenna each for PS LTE and Public network
  • The kit is mechanically compatible with ADS-33
    (Flying Quality Standard Specification)


  • Desktop Cradle
    Desktop Cradle
  • 12-bay Multi-Charging Cradle
    12-bay Multi-Cradle Charger
  • Snap-on Charger
    Snap-on Charger

Mobile dispatching kit

  • The kit offers light version of dispatching tool for office worker
  • Built-in RSM and volume control
  • Extended PTT button keeping the device charged

* MCPTT Application supports 4 active Push to video or voice session

Audio Accessories

  • Remote Speaker Mic
    Remote Speaker Mic
  • 3.5mm Earphone
    Push to talk Ear-mic

    Can be connected to a remote speaker mic

  • Loud Speakers
    Loud Speakers

    Two 10W loud speakers provide powerful sound for communications in mission critical sites.

  • CM65
  • Desktop Cradle
    Desktop Cradle

    Simultaneous Charging of Device and
    Battery PTT Keys Available

  • A-type Speaker Microphone
    Remote Speaker Mic

    Without Embedded Amplifier



Company Cybertel Bridge Co., Ltd.
CEO Backsan Nam


HQ :
(82) 02 · 6956 · 6330
Customer Support Center :
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Factory :
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Cybertel Bridge Germany :
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HQ 9th floor, Hansin IT Tower, 272, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Factory 67, Maehwasandan 3-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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